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I'm Brandon

15 years in and loving it. I am currently attending to the role of Head of Product for a web and mobile technology startup based out of Dallas, Texas. I can juggle a multitude of hats but am ideally suited for developing projects from the ground up. Bring an idea. Bring a goal and I'll help accomplish it. I specialize in product management, UX, prototyping, creative problem solving, research, marketing, product development, growth hacking, analytics and team development.

What I Do

Saas, Web, Android, iOS, Games, Books, VR, etc.

Brand Identity

Define and redefine who your company. Isolate and accentuate the strengths and narrative of your brand. Explore and share the uniqueness of your brand, its products, services and strategies.


Take ideas from thought to design with comprehensive and innovative drawings that embody the intent of your illustration and coincide with your stories and objective.


Leverage the full expanse of the marketing worlds tools to promote products, services and ideas with the intent of conversion and product immersion.

Web Design

Implore industry best practices as the web product takes advantage of sematic HTML, CSS Box Model, CSS preprocessors, Bootstrap, and JavaScript to name a few.

Testing & Analytics

Research and launch concepts for data capture; interpretation and perpetual execution. Analyze data, plan, reprioritize and rollout to production.

User Experience

Identify and understand the intent of end users through iterative testing, evaluation and personal engagement. Turn the wants of your users into the features of the service or product.

Clients & Colleagues

I've had the honor of working with some amazingly talented people

I've worked with Brandon for over 3 years, and in simple summation I can say he's as good as it gets. His attention to detail, creativity, strong tenacity, and leveled professional candor are second to none. I look forward to working with Brandon on any future project, and would recommend him to any company or person looking to hire an inspiring "outside of the box" Creative Director.

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Dustin Brown Chief Operating Officer at Scripps Mercy Physician Partners

Brandon Manning does not need exploding or excessive adjectives to establish his credibility so I will avoid those. Brandon is absolutely one of the most creative and innovative people that I have ever met. He has true perspective of how each department within a company operates and performs.

I've witnessed Brandon develop (individually and collectively) extraordinary products and has successfully built brands with great creative direction. As an individual, he is very confident, calm, genuine, and organized at all times. Overall, this guy knows how to get the job done quicker and better.

Additionally, he is super funny and is a really enjoyable person to work with on a daily basis. Anyone that has the opportunity to work with Brandon will find it to be an awesome experience.

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Bobby Lauterjung Sales & Strategy Executive

Brandon is just a fantastic team member to have. Just fantastic. Brandon is always ripe with fresh ideas and is always happy to share and help brainstorm new ideas, even when those ideas don't pertain to his immediate internal delivery initiatives. In the time I worked with Brandon, he was definitely the go-to guy in the office for anything creative.

Brandon also has a fantastic sense of humor, and he is always looking for ways to further expand on his understanding of the company's needs and how his role can further the company's global mission.

Most importantly Brandon's work ethic is nothing short of great. He's one of those team members that stays late when other's are checking out. One of those team members that walks by your department and asks if you need anything from his team. One of those team members that always gets back to you with the answers to your questions.

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Shannon D. Lewis Sr. Legal Consultant

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